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You often ask me how my complexion looks so fresh, even though I recently turned 39!In addition, my skin “suffers” because I’m often on a plane because of work, and they usually put 5 kg of powder on me during filming. I can drown you now with advice that you must drink enough fluids, don’t expose yourself to the sun blah, blah,… Long story short. I found a great product for myself. Nourishing, hyaluronic cream from the company Makris. It is a Croatian product and on a natural basis without parabens and other sh**.

Angelika Lagator, Fashion Model, Mannheim

Immortelle cream is my favorite scent. When I’m having the hardest day, there’s nothing better than recovering with that texture and scent on my skin. And the skin shines… And yes…with it, I saw the end of my pregnancy without all those hyperpigmentation spots as usual.

Nikolina Mamić, Mama, priča. Zagreb

After a week of using the product, I must admit that I am delighted. After the burning reaction, the skin finally started to calm down and its texture became smoother. It was obviously a cleansing process where everything bad comes to light, gradually calms down and disappears. The products are extremely light on the skin, quickly absorbed and do not leave the appearance of a greasy skin surface.

Lea Kelava, Founder of @kelavovastudio

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It was created as a completely natural alternative to serums with retinol, so there are several reasons why we call it “night serum”.


That feeling when you think your skin is going to crack due to dryness, unpleasant tightness, peeling of parts of the facial skin…


In the real world: how much does it cost, what is the price? It is a completely legitimate question, if you want to afford a decorative Multi-Stick…