Our Story

Our Philosophy

With our products, we want to contribute to the improvement of skin health and nurture authentic, timeless and natural beauty.


🏽 We believe that connection with oneself also means connection with Nature. The health of the skin is not determined only by the preparation we apply to the skin, or the food we take into the body. It is much more complex, and encompasses our entire being.

🏽 The benefits of clean air, clean water, fragrant flowers, and the presence of the joys of life mark the nature that we protect and strive for. Therefore, for us, it is extremely important what kind of brand we support and create.

🏽 In this spirit, we are aware of the importance of the health of the whole organism. For 7 years, we have been consciously producing unique and complete, multipurpose formulas that meet the skin’s need for hydration and nutrition, but also contain botanically active ingredients that bring visible results.

We care for and create healthy, natural skin. The one that is a mirror of what happens “inside”. The one that is a real decoration, the eternal youth of the spirit that we radiate.




Natural Makeup

We use highly purified pigments and nourishing natural waxes. We also offer decorative products that do not contain plastic particles or similar potentially toxic ingredients that would harm us and the eco-system.

Made in Croatia.


Nature & Ingredients

We create small batches, at a sustainable pace, in order to satisfy the wishes of clients but also to reduce the consumption of water and cosmetic waste. Our products are formulated with ingredients grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with nature.


🏽 Our products do not contain unnecessary fillers or additives, and less water. They are always free of ethanol-derived alcohol, BHA and BHT, bismuth oxychloride, DEA, TEA, MEA & ETA, and formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing ingredients. Without gluten, GMO and its derivatives. They are free of heavy metals*, lanolin, maltodextrin, petrolatum, mineral oil, nanoparticles, palm oil, parabens, including those in fragrance blends, PEG (polyethylene glycol), peanut oil, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicone, siloxane and its derivatives, SLS, SLES (sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate), synthetic ingredients (raw materials, antioxidants, spf, fragrance mix), tricosalan, etc.

🏽 The products are also suitable for use on the sensitive skin of pregnant and lactating women, and have not been tested on animals.
There are no plastic particles in the original formulas. When using and rinsing, we do not create wastewater that ultimately directly harms the balance of microorganisms. Not tested on animals.

We nurture timeless, careful, and real beauty. The luxury of nature.

* you will find a more detailed list of ingredients, under the description of each product in the shop



The skin is a mirror of what is happening "inside". It is a real decoration, the eternal youth of the spirit that we radiate.




Founder & Team


Hi, I’m glad you’re here.

I am Martina Kriste, clinical pharmacist, wife and mother of three, soon to be four inspiring children. Author of all recipes in the MAKRIS line of natural cosmetics.

🏽 My story begins with an idea, that was born back in college, when I was struggling with acne and various inflammatory conditions on the skin. I felt like I was alone. After my skiing career, I trained almost every day, ate super-healthy foods and in special regimes, meditated and prayed. I went through the finest cosmetic brands looking for the ideal formula for my skin, but nothing helped in the long run. In this fear of new acne outbreaks, I was very afraid of any oily ingredients in creams. Everything was oil-free, and again, nothing benefited the health of my skin.

🏽 However, literally every time, when I stayed on the mountain for a few days, my skin would significantly “repair”. My doctor father, my living definition of coexistence with nature, persuaded me to try an oil-based skin mask. I was intrigued by how the redness around the acne subsided, and the inflammation subsided completely. For me, this was a visible sign that I wanted to develop very natural, botanically active formulas.

🏽 Today, 10 years later, I am blessed to enjoy what we create as a team. I feel immense gratitude for considering the business part of the day as my playground, and the joy on the client’s healthy and clean face is only a confirmation that I never neglect the inner child. The one who gently admires and marvels at the nature that surrounds him.

To you, who are reading this, I sincerely wish you to find yours…


Branding & Logo


How many times have you heard the word LUXURY in a negative context? Luxury as something that means – asking for too much, something you have no right to, something meant only for the few?

🏻 For us, luxury is not a negative word. Luxury is not power, money or the world in the palm of your hand. For us, that word means freedom from everything bad, stress, low-quality or wasted time, prejudices or harmful ingredients. We strive to provide it for you through high-quality, effective and natural cosmetics, through a BRAND created from love. Exactly that luxury is the freedom that your skin is entitled to. The luxury of nature.

🏻 The brand of natural cosmetics MAKRIS was created precisely in the desire to make “natural” mainstream, not alternative. By this, we mean the way of skin health care, in which we consciously invest our time and money. We all need to wake up in skin that breathes, that does not burst at the seams and that protects us from harmful external influences. Therefore, WE strive to be the change we want to see in the world. Our promise: Always authentic, never synthetic.

🏻 The brand was born out of a love for our family tradition. A family that nurtures respect for life, nature, expertise and knowledge. We believe that the harmony of these values contributes to the improvement of health, well-being and peace. To us, but also to the community. Therefore, a couple of initial letters of the spouse’s name (MA) and last name (KRIS) stand proudly in the vertical – M and lie on the horizontal – K, witnessing that love, through our LOGO.

🏻 Finally, MAKRIS was born out of our love for ourselves. Along with self-love comes the desire to do what we love, to be surrounded by people who warm us like the sun, thus providing ourselves with the best possible care. At MAKRIS, we nurture and create healthy, natural skin. The one that is a mirror of what happens “inside”. The one that is a real decoration, the eternal youth of the spirit that we radiate.