You often ask

Can I use A-Night serum in my morning routine?


The answer is YES! 🤎

A-Night serum was created as a completely natural alternative to serums with retinol, so there are several reasons why we call it “night serum”. At the same time, we emphasize that our A-Night serum is completely safe to use even in daylight. Everyone who falls in love with its moisturizing glow uses it in the evening and in the morning, as they tell us from the field!

We call it A-Night serum because:

🏽 It supports the natural process of renewing skin cells, which is most intense during the night period. The exchange of cells and their regeneration happens synergistically, which makes A-Night serum an extremely powerful tool for repairing the damage that the skin undergoes during the day.

🏽 A-Night serum contains a powerful botanical active ingredient, which rivals synthetic retinol, without properties that damage the skin’s barrier! It works more slowly, but more safely, which means that you will avoid unpleasant hypersensitivity to the sun and skin flakes (which are a very common side effect of retinol), but you will have an active effect on wrinkles and skin texture.


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