What do to?


We are often in discussions with you about this topic, so let’s explain briefly:

At Makris, we have two different products that can greatly improve skin health in a very short period of time. It’s no secret, no magic, no cures. These are natural ingredients and special botanically active additives.

🏿 How do you know you need them in your skin care?

That feeling when you think your skin is going to crack due to dryness, unpleasant tightness, and you notice some parts – the skin of your face – peeling.

🏿 How to prevent that feeling?

Regular facial care, applying moisturizing – Hydration and nourishing – Nutrition cream.

🏿 What’s the difference?

The difference between Nutrition cream and Hydration cream can be seen by the layman by looking at their texture, while those who are a little more knowledgeable will study a more detailed list of ingredients.

🏽 For people with dry skin that lacks lipids, for which the serum does not provide sufficient hydration, who “drinks” the moisturizing cream in an instant; we recommend Nutrition cream, which will provide hydration but also lock it in the skin, due to the composition of shea butter and Chilean raspberry oil.

🏽 For people who feel dry (and sometimes have pimples), who have dandruff in part of their face (e.g. nose, cheeks), who need to instantly soothe and moisturize their skin, who have a sensitive face that reacts to various creams, so it needs to be soothed; we recommend rose – Hydration cream.

🏽 For people who have both dry and dehydrated skin, it is recommended to use both creams alternately. One in the morning, the other in the evening.

They are suitable and safe to combine with other products in the routine. In both cases, use gentle gel cleansers to prepare the skin. You will reduce the stress of cleaning the skin and its reactivity.

We hope that we have clarified the selection of creams a little, and for all questions and clarifications, we are here!


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