How much is it worth?


In the real world: how much does it cost, what is the price? It is a completely legitimate question, if you want to afford a decorative Multi-Stick from the picture.

The answer is simple and you get/learn it quickly in the form of a number. However, can you stop and imagine how valuable a product that carries a real part of nature can be?

It contains domestic wax from the hills of southern Croatia. It is collected by a diligent man, whose honey has been awarded for many years. His bees incorporate propolis and pollen into the wax of that honey. Valuable ingredients for the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of the wax. Wax is a very demanding energy process for the bee, and here’s why. Scientifically proven statistics say:

🏽 For 10-30 kg of honey, bees create 1 kg of wax.

🏽 1 kg of honey requires 200,000 flights, in which the bees travel 250,000 kilometers and land on about 15 million flowers (depending on the plant species).

🏽 When these numbers are multiplied by ten to thirty, we get the number of bees’ work required for 1 kg of homemade beeswax.

The numbers make our heads spin, but we understand all the more the attention and consideration of a medar towards each of his hardworking women.

We are happy that we can offer you a part of that natural process in the #crueltyfree formula, Multi-Stick for beautification!


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